It is a fact that our community is not the only one that has problems. The state of Florida has very little legislation/regulation over single family home communities and because of this, many communities, such as Lake Charles, have a board of directors that have taken things too far.

The time has come to take a stand to simplify the manner in which our community is run. Let’s eliminate unnecessary regulations and fines and make Lake Charles once again an enjoyable place to live.

We finally have a website, a forum to dispute the outright lies being perpetrated by the Lake Charles Board of directors, and I might add a website that we are paying for ourselves, not wastefully and possibly illegally using HOA funds to defend our positions, something the Lake Charles board is doing.

We are Concerned Homeowners

Despite characterizations to the contrary, those who oppose the board and the manner in which they have run the community these last 2 years are not just a few “Hotheads” attempting to do harm and reduce home values with their actions. Just the opposite is true. By removing board members who treat the majority of homeowners with disrespect, and whose wasteful spending continues to drive a constant increase in homeowners dues, and replacing them with an honest, ethical, and level headed group of individuals, dues will stabilize, wasteful spending will decrease, and home values will go up.

Too Little and Too Late

Let’s take a moment to commend the board for its recent, sudden, and mysterious interest in beginning to listen to the concerns of Lake Charles homeowners. This new, sensitive “contact me anytime, my door is always open” attitude is welcome, but a little bit belated. It is 180 degrees opposite to the arrogance demonstrated by the board these previous 2 years. Those of you who have stopped going to board meetings because you’re tired of being quickly dismissed and shouted down by board members’ wives and cronies after expressing some disagreement will know what I’m talking about. Do you really think they would be talking like this if they were not faced with a recall effort, and an election approaching?

By the way, where is the communications committee so highly touted by Mr. Iaquinto? Don’t be surprised if it is long in coming, or never materializes, since it is simply a stalling tactic by the board.

Our Numbers are Growing

I’d also like to point out that the people who have signed recall ballots and expressed dissatisfaction with the boards conduct now number in the hundreds. I want to personally thank those people who have shaken my hand and commended me on my efforts at standing up to the tyranny of this board. I would also like to remind you that Mr. Iaquinto, perhaps not realizing the number of people involved, have called all of you “Terrorists”, and a “Cancer” within this community, simply for criticizing his “reign” by voting to have his board cronies replaced with 3 other qualified people. I hope that you all remember his words as you fill out your ballots for the election currently being conducted, and permanently remove he and fellow board member and clandestine business partner Paul Bettencourt from the board. 

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