Remember something, when we asked the board to disclose the amount of money being spent on legal fees to pursue the following lawsuits, they refused to provide the records, citing “On the advice of counsel…” Of course, what they’re doing is dodging the question and hiding behind the “on the advice of counsel” argument because they do not want you to know how much money they have already wasted, and are willing to continue wasting on these frivolous lawsuits, until after the current election and recall election play out. So, if they choose to respond to any of the assertions made below, their argument becomes invalid, and it follows that they must disclose those financial records. Some people just love to spend other people’s money.

Suzanne Eovaldi

Mr. Iaquinto and Mr. Bettencourt are personally suing Lake Charles resident Suzanne Eovaldi in the amount of 15,000.00 damages for defamation. Although they are suing as individuals, and if successful will collect damages, they are apparently using our HOA lawyers and therefore our money for this purpose. If they prevail and are awarded the $15,000, does that money go into our general fund, since our lawyers are being used, or do they keep it? I don’t know what the merits of their lawsuit are, if any, and I don’t care if they sue Ms. Eovaldi, but let them pay for their own lawyers!! How dare they waste our money in such a frivolous manner to settle a personal grudge! Having said all this, the point becomes moot, as my lawyer has advised me that because of Ms. Eovaldis financial condition, the money damages are uncollectable. Presumably, brilliant Beck and Poliakoff lawyer Jane Cornett has advised them the same thing, yet still they pursue the lawsuit. Why? Because they are vindictive and trying to send a message to anyone else who dare speak against them. “We will do the same to you!” Meanwhile, they have already spent untold thousands of dollars on this frivolity, and are willing to spend untold tens of thousands more. My lawyer has estimated that somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 has been spent so far, and the bill may run up to as much as $25,000. Is this fiscal responsibility? Is this how you want your homeowners dues spent?

My Lawsuit

The amount the board has spent suing me is probably in excess of $10,000, and the final cost may be as much as $50,000. The lawsuit began when I wrote the following email to the board:


Two weeks later, I received paperwork for proposed injunctive relief, which has since evolved into a lawsuit.

Following are several of the accusations made in the lawsuit filed against me by the board, followed by the evidence which proves their claims completely false.

Following are several film clips of the incidents described. The later clips depict the incidents leading up to the final incident, where the threat allegations were made. I am starting with the last clip first, as it is the most condemning of the lies having been perpetrated by the board against me.

As you can see, and hear at 00:38, one of the unseen women in the office clearly says “Watch your step”, obviously intended as a threat against me. I simply turn around and respond. Compare this clip to what was stated in the lawsuit.

The next clip is the beginning of the meeting, which was quickly adjourned.

As you can see, I did not give the board my name and address, as they requested, but identified myself as a homeowner. I’m not obligated to give my name and address according to Florida statute. This got them mad. Also, even before the cameras started rolling, both Kruse and Bettencourt had lied to me by claiming I needed permission to film the meeting, and when I produced both the blue book and copies of the Florida statute asking where it mentions needing permission, they walked away.

This clip is only 45 seconds of the aftermath.

As you can see, there is no “loud” or “disruptive” behavior by anyone on either this or the previous clip. The lawsuit completely mischaracterizes what happened.

Soon after, 3 board members told me to stop filming. I refused. They called the police.

As you can see, I had a nice, pleasant conversation with the police. After our conversation, they returned to the office and admonished the board for wasting their time. A few minutes later, while I was loading up my equipment, I saw them again, and we talked about how many problems they each had with their own HOA boards.

Next accusation.

The bad news for Mr. Kruse is that my wife and I were out of town well before, during, and after the date of his mysterious phone call, as shown by our credit card statements below.

Credit Card Statement (PDF: Click to view)

We had no one staying at our home, we don’t know his phone number, and we would never use such a clumsy and easily provable method to harass him. Word of advice, Mr. Kruse, when you lie, make sure there is not irrefutable proof to catch you, and then compound the problem by including it in a lawsuit.

Next accusation.

The following is the last portion of an email sent to Erika Turner by James Hall, which discussed other matters prior to this last paragraph.

As he mentions, I took him with me as a witness to avoid just such nonsense as was mentioned in the complaint.

Finally regarding the incident with Mrs. Iaquinto, which is also mentioned in the lawsuit. While jogging one day, I noticed a car parked in Anthony Iaquintos driveway, which jutted out 6 inches into the street, an egregious violation of HOA rules as implemented by the board. Just then, Mrs. Iaquinto emerged from her house, along with 2 other ladies whom I assume were her friends. After I pointed out that the car was parked illegally, she cursed at me. As I walked towards her, slowly, and non-threatening, she outstretched her arms and said “Go ahead, hit me.” At that point, we exchanged a barrage of obscenities for about 10 seconds. I then turned around, and continued my jog.

What is important about this exchange is that I was fined for swearing at her, but Mrs. Iaquinto was not for swearing at me. You know why? Besides the obvious nepotism, it is a violation to swear at a board member, or any recognized committee member, but not the other way around. They can say whatever they like to you, with impunity. So when Ron Kruse cursed at me during the recent board meeting held at the Church, he will not be fined, but if I had responded in kind, I would have, and so would you. Do you see the pattern? How the board works to protect itself, but not the homeowners?

As you can see, the board does not like to be challenged, and is not above filing lawsuits containing complete falsehoods. I can file a countersuit against them, but while they are still on the board, they will hide behind their free legal counsel, and I will cause more money to be wasted from our general funds.